Orestis Kalogirou

Physics, Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School, Boston
2016-2017 Fulbright Visiting Scholar

My Fulbright experience was rich, fruitful and productive. [...]. I was invited to deliver lectures in seven prominent US institutions (Harvard, MIT, Magnetics Society IEEE Boston Section, University of Villanova, University of Sciences, University of Delaware and University of California at Riverside), four of which were financially supported by the Outreach Lecturing Fund. Thus, I had the opportunity to interact with tens of colleagues whom I met in personal meetings, and numerous undergraduate students, graduate students and post­doctoral fellows, not only within a scientific context but also in regard to their career development. Many colleagues and students expressed interest in the Fulbright Program and I had the opportunity to inform them about a competitive and successful application. My Fulbright Scholarship enabled me to attend one of the biggest conferences in materials science - the MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit gathering in Boston with the participation of almost 6.000 scientists from all over the world - and present both in oral and in poster format a presentation on our research. [...] I also had the unique opportunity to attend the "III­Nitride Semiconductor Materials and Devices Symposium" ­ honoring Professor Theodore D. Moustakas at Boston University. Among the top notch speakers was the 2014 Nobel Laureate for Physics, Shuji Nakamura. [...] Besides academic activities, I had the opportunity to meet with tens of fellow Fulbrighters from all over the world and exchange experiences on our academic systems but also on our different cultures. [...] I left the U.S.A. full of new scientific ideas in my field of interest whilst revising older ones, and full of contacts with so many excellent scientists. These ideas and contacts will influence my future research plans, my courses at the graduate studies level, and my perspectives of international collaboration. [...]. By interacting with my colleagues and my students I will try to inspire them to become more involved in international collaboration and to encourage and help them to pursue a Fulbright grant.



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