Alexia Giannakopoulou

Administrator’s Institute at California State University, Chico
2015 Fulbright SUSI participant

The 2015 SUSI program for secondary educators was an absolutely awe-inspiring wonderful experience. It was an excellently organized program, which helped me gain insight into social, political, economic and cultural issues in the U.S. as well as current trends and policy developments in secondary education and the academic environment.

In our classes at California State University at Chico, we had a spectrum of enlightening lectures, seminars, presentations, and discussions about issues of civic engagement, service learning, access and equity, immigration, gender, bilingual education, minority groups, special education.

During our site visits to U.S. academic institutes, we had the chance to delve more deeply into these complex issues and see the bigger picture of the U.S. education, politics and culture. We took active part in discussions with principals and teachers, critically discussed the existing policies, and exchanged views on educational, cultural, social and other matters. At Pleasant Valley High School in Chico, the Sacramento Charter High School, the Benito Juarez Community Academy and Whitney Young Magnet School in Chicago we saw educators that strive for high quality and excellence. At Fair View High School, an alternative school in Chico, we met students with heart-breaking stories and brilliant educators who can make a big difference. At Ulloa Elementary school in San Francisco we saw an amazing youth development training program. At Ability First Sports Camp we witnessed how disabled athletes and volunteers help children with special needs learn how to do sports.


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