Rodanthi Vardouli

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
2012-2013 Fulbright Graduate Student

I was admitted to the Master of Science in Architecture Studies (SMArchS) Program at MIT as the first partnership to have ever been established between the History Theory Criticism in Architecture and Art (HTC) and the newly formulated Architectural Design (AD) Program at the MIT Department of Architecture. Throughout my two years in SMArchS (2012-2014), I conducted my research in close collaboration with the two groups, which have quite diverging methodologies and perspectives. This experiment had a happy ending, I managed to bridge the disciplinary gap, and my thesis -- supervised by Professors Mark Goulthorpe (from AD) and Kristel Smentek (from HTC) -- was graded with an A+ and was awarded the Arthur Rotch Special Prize for highest academic achievement and original contributions to more than one research fields, at the 2014 MIT Awards Ceremony. I was an invited speaker for the Fall 2014 MIT Architecture Studies Faculty Colloquium lecture series, among a roster of distinguished scholars and researchers. As Mark Goulthorpe – instructor of the Colloquium -- likes to mention, I was the youngest speaker ever invited to this annual lecture series.


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