Ioanna Aikaterini Angeli

Biology, University of Cincinnati, Ohio
2010-2011 Fulbright Visiting Scholar

Although I did not directly interact with students due to the limited period of time available for conducting and completing my research project, I am already making efforts to implement the knowledge I have attained in the Department of Animal and Human Physiology at the School of Biology of the University of Athens. This will benefit the students attending our courses. Furthermore, the 3 month stay will hopefully lead to a long lasting collaboration between the two institutions, further advancing exchange of ideas and scientific progress. In addition, the new techniques I have learned will potentially help me to ameliorate the quality of the research conducted in our home laboratory, enabling publication in high impact factor scientific journals. Due to the inspiring conversations and lab meetings I attended, I will make an effort to pursue new ideas as well as existing ones from a different perspective. This will also favor submission of grant proposals in new fields of cardiovascular biology. Overall, I have gained an immense benefit from this experience and will therefore wholeheartedly encourage students as well as colleagues to apply for an international exchange and pursue a Fulbright foundation grant.


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