Athanasios Tsapelis and Eleni Lykou

2013-2014 and 2015-2016 Fulbright SUSI for Secondary Educators Programs

A constructive collaboration between SUSI Alumni was set up when Eleni Lykou invited Athanasios Tsapelis, Teacher of English at Second Senior High School of Kos, to her school in Evia, Krieza Junior High School, within the framework of Erasmus+, the European Program, and the HEREDITAS (Here Discover International Treasure and Survive) project on cultural heritage. Athanasios gave an introduction to fellow teachers and students on the concepts of house, home, mother country in a photo presentation entitled  "Home is".

In turn, Eleni Lykou spoke about the use of cultural approach as tool in the Intercultural Class, presenting work she had finished in collaboration with the University of Illinois in 2015-16 entitled "From Kos to Illinois". It concerns an educational scenario that presents a parallel approach to Greek and American history by touching on issues such as homeland, immigration, refugee, racism, cultural heritage, and human rights.



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