Aikaterini Kandyliari

Aikaterini Kandyliari


Food Science / Food Chemistry, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

As a visiting research student at Yale University I had a unique experience that helped me shape my identity and future. I was able to find scientific inspiration and education at this world-class academic institution and to share the same workplace with passionate researchers that have now become my friends. I broadened my mind and came up with new ideas on my research project; I learnt and practiced new techniques; I used state of the art infrastructure; and I am pleased that I will be able to present interesting results from my research in Yale in scientific papers and conferences during the upcoming months. All of this knowledge and research strengthened my PhD dissertation and I can confidently say that it made me a better scientist.

Living in the U.S. has opened a whole new world for me. I better understood the American culture by connecting with the local New Haven chapter of American Fulbright Alumni and joining them in several cultural events, theatric plays, orchestral concerts and dinners. I became a member of a local volleyball club and had the chance to further interact with U.S. citizens and scientists from different educational institutes. I came together with 130 scholars from 70 different countries in Utah during the Enrichment Fulbright Seminar, which was truly a blast and it taught me that language and culture are definitely not barriers to making friends and building contacts. By engaging in voluntary work, I connected with the local community and felt the importance of supporting vulnerable groups and helping people in need.

I am thankful to the Fulbright commission for letting me be part of this amazing and life changing “journey”.

Aikaterini Kandyliari is a Fulbright Alumna of the 2018-2019 Visiting Research Program

Dr. Aikaterina Kandyliari is now assigned as a Teaching Assistant to the Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Analysis, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, Agricultural University of Athens.