Angeliki Magklara

Angeliki Magklara


Oncology and Cancer Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

This experience at one of the top biomedical institutes in the world, surpassed my expectations. I was received warmly by the group and the very first day of my arrival I was given my own office and lab space. The lab manager was quick to take me around, so that I could meet people from the whole institute and finally the lab members, who were more than friendly and helpful throughout my stay.

During my stay at the Weinberg lab, I had the opportunity to work closely with some of the members of the lab, I learned new techniques and produced some meaningful data. I took full advantage of the MIT-Harvard community by attending many talks and seminars in my field. I had the chance to give a seminar about my work in Greece, where I also highlighted the Fulbright Foundation's role in educational exchanges between U.S.A. and other countries. Needless to say that, by the end of my 6-month stay there, I felt like I was a regular member of the lab.

Since my return, I have been informing my colleagues and students about the research I did and I have given them my perspective on the new developments in the biomedical field, as I witnessed them taking place at the MIT community. I believe this has been very useful for everyone and it may have motivated some people to seek the opportunity to go on similar educational visits to the U.S.A. themselves.

I hope the Fulbright Foundation will continue sponsoring this kind of activities that create lasting bonds between the U.S. and international scientists/scholars from all over the world.

Angeliki Magklara is a Fulbright Alumna of the 2018-2019 Visiting Scholar Program

Photo: Angeliki Maglara