The United States Educational Foundation in Greece administers the Fulbright Program between the United States and Greece. The Fulbright Foundation in Greece takes pride in being the oldest Fulbright Program in Europe and the second-oldest continuously operating Fulbright Program in the world. The executive agreement between the governments of the United States and the kingdom of Greece was signed on 23 April 1948. This binational agreement put into operation the program of international and cultural exchanges known as the Fulbright Program.

In 1950, Bert Hodge Hill, an archaeologist and former Director of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens (ASCSA), became the first Executive Director of the United States Educational Foundation in Greece. In its early years the Foundation awarded scholarships and travel grants to Greek citizens to study in various educational institutions in the United States and to attend the four American sponsored schools in Greece: Anatolia College and the American Farm School in Thessaloniki and Pierce College and Athens College in Athens. For a number of years, American teachers of English received Fulbright funded teaching assignments at each of these schools as well as at several Greek institutions around the country, while American scholars taught at Aristotle University and at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The American School of Classical Studies at Athens has also been one of the beneficiaries of the Fulbright Program in Greece. Since 1948, more than 350 American students and scholars have receive grants to the ASCSA.

On December 13 1963 the new educational exchange agreement between the governments of Greece and the United States was signed. This translated in to an expansion of educational and cultural exchange opportunities and activities. Today, sscholarships are awarded in all fields and disciplines and include students, professors, educators, researchers, and artists. To achieve this objective, the Board selects Fulbright grantees based on their academic excellence, educational and professional achievement, civic engagement, leadership potential, and character. Recruitment for all educational exchange programs is based on open, and fair national competition, and on individual merit and academic excellence. Fulbright Greece is fully committed to recognizing the inherent dignity and worth of every person, and to the provision of equal rights and opportunities.

Since 1948 the Foundation has offered free educational advising services to thousands of individuals and has awarded grants to more than 5,500 Greek and American citizens. The Foundation engages its Alumni in a variety of programs and develops opportunities to further the impact and multiplier effect of Fulbright grants. Each year, approximately 60 Greek and US citizens receive grants to study, teach or conduct research in the US and Greece respectively.

Looking back: Learning the History of the of Fulbright Foundation in Greece. In 2009, on the sixtieth anniversary of the Fulbright Foundation in Greece the Foundation produced a publication “In Greece since 1948,” which is available to download highlighting key events in our history with archival photos. A film was also produced “The Fulbright Experience,” featuring interviews from US and Greek grantees and alumni. For its seventieth anniversary in 2018, the Fulbright Foundation in Greece released a new documentary film with archival material and video portraits.


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