Fulbright on Film

Fulbright on Film

Photo: Lambros Papanikolatos

Fulbright Video Portraits of U.S. and Greek Scholars

In the run-up to the Anniversary Year, Fulbright Greece collaborated with filmmaker and Fulbright Alumna, Eirini Steirou, and cinematographer Antonis Katrakazis to produce a series of portraits of U.S. and Greek scholars who share their Fulbright experience. Six U.S. and six Greek Fulbright alumni each relate how the international exchange program changed lives, built new bonds, spurred new thoughts, explored values, and created unforgettable moments. The resulting portraits are deeply moving and empowering. The videos can be watched at the Fulbright website or on YouTube under Fulbright Greece.

70 YEARS Afroditi Veloudaki

Fulbright Documentary Film

In addition to the Video Portraits, Fulbright commissioned a new version of ‘The Fulbright Experience’ documentary film, produced in 2008 on the occasion of the Foundation’s 6oth Anniversary. The new film entitled ’70 Years Fulbright Greece’ incorporates excerpts from video portraits, interviews with U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, Fulbright Executive Director, Artemis A. Zenetou, and Fulbright staff members, scenes of daily life at the Fulbright office, the creations of the Fulbright 70th Anniversary logo by Fulbright Alumna, Zoe Keramea, and of the theme song by Fulbright Alumna, Terry Vakirtzoglou, and extensive and revealing archival material on the history of the Fulbright Program. The film can be watched at the Fulbright website or on YouTube under Fulbright Greece.