Study in Greece - Scholarships for US Citizens

Study in Greece - Scholarships for US Citizens

Why Greece? Greece is a gateway to cultural, academic, and professional exchange.The Fulbright Awards Program offers scholarships for academic research and/or lecturing in diverse disciplines at a number of educational, cultural and research organizations in Greece. Fulbright is much more than a scholarship.

We offer grantees the opportunity to have a transformative cultural and academic experience and provide unrivalled support both during and after their Fulbright year. Receiving a Fulbright Award opens doors of different shapes and sizes and provides global networking opportunities.

Fulbright grants are awarded in almost every discipline, the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Business and Finance, Science, Technology, Environmental Sciences, Education, Media and Government. Fulbright grants for US citizens are offered every academic year.

The 2017-2018 scholarships for US citizens are now open to applicants. Included are programs for Graduate Students, English Teaching Fellows, Scholars, and New Opportunities: two new dual-country grants—Bulgaria-Greece Fulbright Joint Research Award and Turkey-Greece Fulbright Joint Research Award.

To find out more about the 2017-2018 US Fulbright Scholarship program to Greece click here.

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