Debriefing Session with the 2017 SUSI Participants

Debriefing Session with the 2017 SUSI Participants

On Tuesday, October 10, Greek Program Coordinator, Els Hanappe, met with the Fulbright participants of the 2017 Study of the United States Institutes for Secondary Educators and Scholars for a debriefing session on their recent U.S. experience. Each participant presented their instute, its contents, program and potential impact for Greece. Topics included social and cultural heterogeneity within national unity, pluralism vs. individuality, liberty and privacy, diversity in media, responsible citizenship, innovative and creative ways of teaching, the meaning of bias, and other. Besides the seminar component, activities included common meals, celebrations of national holidays, city trips, visits to museums and memorials, attendance at theatre plays. The participants were excited about the overall organization and the outcome of the SUSI program.

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